5 Weird rules Lamborghini employees must follow

Lamborghini is easily one of the most iconic sports car brands to have ever existed and the Italian company has strict rules to ensure it stays that way. Interestingly enough, Lamborghini comes from humble beginnings with founder Ferruccino Lamborghini, who was originally manufacturing tractors. Essentially, he wanted something more refined as a grand touring car to compete with companies such as Ferrari at the time.

There have also always been rumors that Enzo Ferrari had told Ferruccino Lamborghini that he “should stick to tractors” after Ferruccino had offered his opinion on how they could improve Ferrari. The rest they say is history as Lamborghini has grown into one iconic brand and continue to compete very well in today’s market. Vendetta or not, Lamborghini had to ensure employees followed strict rules and guidelines to keep the company on the right path. Here are some of our favorite ones.

Be careful when speaking with competitors

Probably one of the weirdest rules I have heard of Lamborghini shocking allows and encourages (to an extent) that employees mingle with the compensation. Essentially, Lamborghini tells its employees you can speak with competitors, but you are strongly discouraged from speaking about the automotive industry and not allowed to speak about company specific directives. 

Expensive gifts are a no-go

There are many reasons why someone might want to gift expensive items to Lamborghini and that is fine. However, I can tell you that if you were looking to provide a Lamborghini employee some fancy or lavish gifts just to get a level up a on position then you are going to be shocked.

Don’t get caught reading spam emails on your company email account

This is a good one and I promise it actually makes sense. Lamborghini tells all of their employees that they are not allowed, under any circumstances, to open spam emails let alone read them. This is largely due in part for concerns of cybersecurity attacks which do traditionally start from people opening up weird emails.

Do not correct misinformation about the company online

Oddly enough, Lamborghini does not want their employees correcting misinformation (of any sorts) online. Instead, employees are directed to report any misinformation directly to the company and allow the proper channels to sort it out.

Do not discuss meeting places

Look there are many companies out there that prevent employees from discussing a wide range of topics through telecommunications. For Lamborghini, they decided to add meeting locations to that list. No employee is allowed to share information about meeting locations whether electronically or in person. Instead, employees are told to go speak with their direct supervisors to obtain necessary information about any appointments coming up.

Happy motoring!

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