What tools do you need to change tires

Winter is fast approaching and many are throwing on their winter tires, if it isn’t already here for most of us. If you haven’t already done so, you might want to check with your insurance company as you could qualify for a discount if you have them on before a certain date. Anyway, shops are busy with tire swaps and you might be considering doing the swap yourself. Excellent, let’s cover what you need!

I’m going to keep this kit of tools very simple, so consider this introductory/beginner level stuff. This is also assuming the other tires are on rims as well.

Jack – $85

Source: Amazon

A good jack that has a 2 ton capacity is where you probably want to be.

Jack stands – $35

Source: Amazon

Once you get the vehicle up, you’ll want it to stay there and a good set of jack stands will be the way to go. Again, stick with a 2 ton capacity.

Breaker bar – $35

Source: Amazon

The breaker bar is often forgotten but it’s the best way of loosing lug nuts or bolts next to an impact gun.

Socket for Lug nuts – $10

Source: Amazo

A good basic socket set is necessary to make sure the lug nuts go off and on. Very handy for anything automotive.

Torque wrench – $20

Source: Amazon

A torque wrench will allow you to apply the necessary torque to fasten your lug nuts.

Hammer – $15

Source: Amazon

This is not completely necessary but can assist with loosing stuck tires, nuts, etc.

Total cost comes out to about $200. Keep in mind these are rough estimates on the higher side and by doing a little shopping around you will find these for cheaper!