How to choose all-terrain tires for your truck

All-terrain tires are tires that combine the traction of off-road tires and the agility of an on-road tire. They are designed to have adequate traction off-road but have handling and noise characteristics that would be acceptable for highway driving. Often these tires are rated as good on ice, rock and sand and are rated better on snow and rain than regular street tires. They can be identified with the A/T mark.

There are some things to consider when picking all-terrain tires, such as:

Tread – tread patterns and grove marks are often the two points that make up “tire tread”. Tread depth will influence tire traction, fuel economy and acceleration capabilities so you’ll want to consider when choosing an all-terrain tire.

Lugs – Tire lugs are what grip terrain, so depending on what or how you plan on using your truck will influence which tire lug pattern you should choose.

Grooves – Tire grooves are used to expel water from the tread which assists in preventing hydroplaning. The larger wide grooves channel water more quickly, but this tread pattern can fluence road noise and fuel economy. Grooves can also assist in expelling loose materials such as dirt and rocks which can be handy if you plan on off-roading.

Once you figure this out, you’ll also want to consider the markings on the tire which can indicate information such as basic characteristics, capacities and DOT tire identification number. The UTQG rating on the tire will help you compare different tires’ traction, temperature and tread wear ratings. Tires are usually rated from A to C for traction and temperature ratings with A being superior and C being average. Finally, check the maximum speed rating and load rating on the tires to let you know if it’ll suit your regular driving capabilities and needs.

All-terrain tires are going to be a great option for anyone who drives on a mixture of unpaved and paved roads. They also provide a great look to your truck and with the technology available on the market today you won’t have to sacrifice any performance really to get them.

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