The maintenance you should do before a long road trip

With spring coming quickly and summer around the corner, more people will be driving. COVID is still preventing a lot of people from travelling outside the country so now is the perfect time for a road trip! Seriously, what better way to spend vacation than exploring your country while driving across it? But before you do, there is some maintenance to consider.

The most important part of any long trip to consider is the safety and reliability of your vehicle, so you should make sure the following is in order.

Check all fluid levels

Of course you should make sure the oil is in order but there are other fluids to check on as well. Make sure your brake fluid, radiator fluid, and transmission fluid are also good to go. Of course, also top up the windshield fluid.

Check condition of belts, hoses and tires

Make sure belts and hoses don’t look worn out or brittle. If you aren’t sure, have a mechanic double check and/or replace them. Better to be safe than sorry! For tires, measure the tread remaining and ensure they appear to all be physically in order. Finally ensure the air pressure in your tires is in order and doesn’t need to be topped up.

Check your lights

It doesn’t matter if you aren’t planning on driving at night, you need to make sure your lights are in order. It’s not only a matter of safety but also a legal consideration as the law requires all the lights on your vehicle to be functioning and in order.

Pack essentials

It’s not a bad idea to pack some basic tools just in case things go south on your trip, especially if you are travelling through remote areas. If you do not have a spare tire, pack one of those tire plug kits which is not a terrible idea even if you do have a spare. Finally, pack extra water, oil for your vehicle specs, and any other consumable that it might need but might not be readily available where you are headed.

Safe travels!