The Dos and Don’ts of Cleaning Your Engine Bay

Cleaning the engine bay of any car can be a daunting task and most will avoid it, but it doesn’t have to be like that. Cleaning your engine bay is a good thing and should actually be done as a form of preventative maintenance. For starters, you will be able to see everything clearly in the engine bay and examine different parts and components. It will also allow you to visibly see any leaks around different hoses or components as the water will bubble or oil will leak over the parts you just cleaned. Anyway, definitely clean your engine bay and follow these Dos and Don’ts to ensure it’s done properly and efficiently!

Do: Use the right chemicals

Don’t: Go crazy with engine cleaner

Before you start cleaning your engine you should make sure you have the right cleaners for the job. This will mean going out and getting some engine bay cleaning supplies and detailers that are specifically designed for the engine. It is important you use cleaners specifically made for cleaning the engine as otherwise you are risking causing corrosion or leaving lots of residue. But most importantly, don’t just get an engine cleaner or degreaser and go dumping the entire thing all over your engine. It won’t end well.

Do: Use a garden hose

Don’t: Use the pressure washer

If you are cleaning an engine bay you will definitely need some water and the garden hose for this job will be more than sufficient. Engine bay cleaning is a much more delicate process that should be done with less pressure and by gently scrubbing components. Don’t, under any circumstance, use a pressure washer on your engine bay. It’s simply too much pressure!

Do: Take a before pic

Don’t: Just take things apart

Definitely take a before picture of your engine bay just in case anything gets disconnected during the process but also because it’ll really allow you to enjoy the work you do. I’ve seen way too many people start disconnecting things like batteries and air intakes from engines when they start cleaning them, this is not required and it is not recommended.Enjoy!