Recommended engine bay cleaning products

I have seen it way too many times, someone pops the hood on an extremely clean looking car only to reveal an engine bay covered in dust and grease. It’s sad really, if you are going to take the time to detail your vehicle, well detail the whole thing! The engine bay is no different and I know it can be scary for some but it doesn’t have to be. Cleaning and detailing your engine bay is an important aspect in maintaining your vehicle and using some products can make it so much easier. Here are our recommended engine bay cleaning products to get your engine spotless!

Degreaser – Meguiar’s Super Degreaser

Meguiar’s Super Degreaser is an incredibly effective cleaning product especially for the engine bay. Their formula allows it to penetrate and break down grease in a minute, seriously. I have used this on engine bays that were probably being cleaned for their first time ever with baked on grease on the engines and this stuff just broke down so it could be rinsed away.

Plastics Dressing – Meguiar’s D170 Hyper Dressing

I prefer Meguiar’s D170 Hyper Dressing for the plastic trims because of the shine factor it produces. I also like that it is a water-based dressing which can be diluted with water to adjust the shine. This makes it a very safe product to use on the engine bay

Brushes – Mothers Set

This one might come down to personal preference more than anything, as a good brush is a good brush. We found Mothers to have a nice set of various brushes with different brush heads that will allow you to get into all the areas of the engine bay.

Microfiber Clothes – Chemical Guys MIC 507 06 Premium Microfiber Towel

Chemical Guys makes all our cleaning lists for a few products and there is good crease. For microfiber clothes I prefer them because they have the highest percentage of polyamide out of all the towels I found on the market. This makes sure that they are extra soft but still absorb great amounts of liquid. Very handy when you are cleaning the exterior of your vehicle or the engine bay where there are sensitive components and surfaces. They also come in three different sizes, ensuring you always have the right size of towel for the area you are trying to clean.

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