Top 10 Most Stolen Cars of 2020 in Canada

Every year the Insurance Bureau of Canada releases the top 10 most stolen vehicles in the country. For the last few years the list has been mostly the same, but I have to admit this year the list is very different. All of this data comes from insurance auto theft claims across the entire country. Here is the list.

  1. 2018 Honda CR-V – 350 stolen
  2. 2017 Lexus RX – 258 stolen
  3. 2017 Honda CR-V – 247 stolen
  4. 2018 Lexus RX – 200 stolen
  5. 2018 Ford-150 4×4 – 199 stolen
  6. 2019 Honda CR-V – 161 stolen
  7. 2018 Toyota Highlander – 158 stolen
  8. 2017 Toyota Highlander – 155 stolen
  9. 2019 Lexus RX – 146 stolen
  10. 2017 Ram 1500 4×4 – 141 stolen

The Honda CR-Vs and Lexus RXs might shock you making this list but they are on here because they suffer from weaker security due to key fobs. That’s not a knock on those manufacturers or cars, thieves have gotten better at defeating systems and keyless entry has become increasingly easier to compromise. However, the biggest factor for these vehicles is that they are incredibly desirable when shipped across the ocean to Africa and the Middle East.

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