A mismatched new Chrysler 300, deal find?

Look no manufacturer is perfect and you would honestly be surprised how many vehicles leave the manufacturing line with defects and issues when they hit the dealer. There are a lot of things going on at plants, and with more and more of them being outsourced to third world countries, mistakes are bound to happen. However, these mistakes are usually caught by the dealer and sorted out at the dealer level between them and the manufacturer. I have never seen anything like this hit the website for a dealer as a for sale vehicle but here we are.

At a Jacksonville Chrysler dealer there is a 2020 Chrysler 300 Touring, brand new, for sale with some interesting mismatching parts. To start, the door trim on the front passenger side does not have chrome like all the other doors. This is so noticeable that I cannot believe no one noticed it between the plant and the dealer. This specific vehicle does have a sticker listing attached which lists the chrome appearance package, so all the doors should have this chrome trim around them, certainly only one of them shouldn’t be missing it!

The other interesting mismatch here are the front headlights. It seems like the one side has the bi-function halogen projector head lamp and the other one has the stock ones. Pretty noticeable if you look at the car head one.

Like I said, mistakes like this around bound to happen. Unfortunately in this case this isn’t a simple one or two mistakes, or one or two employees missing a checkbox. This is a colossal failure by several employees at several different parts of the plants. What does this mean for quality control? We’ll leave that for your interpretation.

Anyway, if you’re interested in a unique, one off, Chrysler 300 straight from the factory you can have this one for $24,925 if you’re willing to go to Florida for it. Check the listing here.

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