Top 5 Apps for your road trip this summer

Summer time is here and you can expect to see more drivers on the road as people head out for their vacations. With COVID-19 deterring many people from leaving the country you can expect even more people taking road trips via car. Heck, you might even be one of those people, and if you are we have several apps for your phone that will make your road trip even better.

Use your phone responsibly and according your local laws of course! Here’s the break down.


Easily one of my favourite apps on my phone and probably one of the most popular apps on either the iOS or Android platform. It is designed to be a navigation app that has a community-driven traffic feed. It allows users to learn real traffic and road information such as car accidents and speed traps. With a large amount of active users you can be assured you will have data where you are. Super handy on a road trip as it will save you time and gas!


I hate putting together playlists and there is nothing more frustrating than trying to surf through radio stations in areas you don’t know or when you are travelling and losing the signal of that particular station. That’s where Spotify comes in. It allows you to stream music from any genre or artist you can imagine, for free. If you are worried about data costs you can pay from the premium version at about $9/month and get to download your entire playlists ahead of time. There are tons of playlists that have been curated by Spotify and its users so you can easily pick one and go or if you’d like you can make your own!


The most popular gas finding application out is GasBuddy. Like Waze, it is community driven and has it’s database fed by millions of users (currently 70 million users in North America) which in turn provide up to the minute reports on the price of gas in the area you are in or travelling through. This can be handy, especially if you are covering large amounts of difference where small costs can add up quickly especially if you can avoid touristy areas with higher prices.


Food on a road trip can often be a hassle, and finding restaurants is not fun when you are hungry. Especially if you are trying to avoid a fast food place and eat something relatively healthy. OpenTable is great because it allows you to search and find restaurants on demand and since so many restaurants are partnered with them you can even make a reservation on the fly. The app is easy to use and you can search by location or cuisine so you can find something easy.


If you’ve ever tried planning a road trip out you know how it can be difficult even with apps such as Google Maps. This is where Roadtrippers comes in. It lets you enter in where you want to start from and where you want to finish. Then you can discover places in between and route your trips from there. If you weren’t sure about spots to visit or what to do, Roadtrippers will take care of it for you.