Throwback Thursday F-Body

The F-body, or also known as the F platform, was GM’s rear-wheel drive pony car platform from 1867 until 2002 and it was essentially used for two vehicles, the Chevrolet Camaro and the Pontiac Firebird. With such a large span of production there were four generations:

  • First generation – 1967-1969
  • Second generation – 1970-1981
  • Third generation – 1982-1992
  • Fourth generation – 1993-2002
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The platform really peaked for the third and fourth generations and will have continue to have a cult like following for a long time. The third generation, was the first generation to include a four cylinder engine but it also launched a lighter and better handling vehicle than the previous generations. It also saw the launch of the legendary, 350 v8 motor, engine code L98, that produced 230 horsepower. The interior really started to tank in the third generation, with many of these rolling off the production lines with squeaks and rattles.

Source: Wikipedia

The fourth generation saw the introduction of the LS1 v8 engine which provided even more bang for your buck. The interior trim slightly improved for the fourth generation but some pieces still felt cheap. For example, the steering vehicle in the fourth generation f-body was the same as in the Chevrolet Cavalier. However, with up to 345 horsepower under the hood, you had many reasons to forget about the cheap interior trim.

Source: Wikipedia

Overall, you can still find a decent third generation Chevrolet Camaro or Pontiac Firebird for around $3000-$5000. It won’t be perfect, but you can put a little work into it to make it solid. Decent fourth generation Camaros or Firebirds are going for $7,000-10,000 which isn’t terrible for what you’re getting here.