Should you use wheel spacers

A wheel spacer is a round disc that is installed between the rotor of your vehicle and it’s wheels. This is down to widen the offset of the wheels which in turn widens the vehicle’s track. A lot of folks do this for appearance purposes, but it does also have handling benefits. Should you use them?

Well that depends on your situation and what you are hoping to achieve. I will tell you there are pros and cons to wheel spacers. For starters, wheel spacers are great because they make it possible to use a larger tire for better traction. This is easily the greatest benefit wheel spacers can offer you in terms of performance. But wheel spacers can also correct possible misalignment between the wheels and the hubs, and they also give you an equal amount of load distribution on your tires. You will probably also like the new stance and overall look of how your vehicle sits with wheel spacers.

Now for the bad stuff. Wheel spacers will increase tire wear as a result, that is a given no matter what anyone tells you. That is the biggest downside to any wheel spacers. There are other cons, like they will obviously reduce fender clearance and slightly shorten the wheel bearing lifespan. That doesn’t make wheel spacers bad necessarily, again you’ll have to weigh the pros against the cons for your situation. Happy driving!