Deal Find: 1983 Chevrolet Camaro Berlinetta in Canada

Somebody buy this friggin’ thing before I do. I was alerted to this vehicle by a friend who knows I have had a long obsession with 3rd generation Camaros. This example is located in Wilmont, Ontario, Canada and is 1983 vintage listed for $3,500 Canadian dollars. It happens to be the Berlinetta edition, which if you don’t know is highly sought after these days. The Berlinetta is more “luxurious” inside than your Z28 or IROC. It has a digital dash, control pods for things like turn signals and a much more sophisticated radio for the 1980s. You’ll also get super cool control buttons on the roof that simulate ones like you’d find in a fighter jet and a map light for those of you that still read maps on road trips.

This one has the 305 small block Chevy, matched to a 700R4 automatic transmission that the owner apparently recently had replaced. It has 140,000kms on the body and engine.

The only issues the seller brings up are minor; 1) the a/c needs a refresh and 2) the paint job from 1983 is starting to peel.

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