Bring back better times with a mint Mercedes Benz 190d, one-owner $5,000!

Look 2020 has been shit but it’s certainly made me appreciate the old days. While on my daily hunt of what new car I could buy for a project, I located a mint 1989 Mercedes Benz 190d (W201) out in Fairfield, New York. This is a very well maintained vehicle with 94,278 original miles on it, which barely exceeds the break-in for one of these things as I’ve seen 190d goes for a million miles without issue.

The car comes with a lot of original documentation, with the original title (1 owner), keys, and mostly original interior minus a new Coco Matts steering wheel. The car is in incredible shape outside and inside, considering it is from 1989 and spent most of it’s life in Greenwich, CT. This is a testament to how well it was maintained.

The current owner refreshed it with an oil change, new air and fuel filters, power steering filter and fluid change, and a new battery. I don’t think it would need much to register and drive today. Asking price is $5,000, original ad can be found here.

About Meds

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