5 driving mistakes that will earn you a ticket every time

Driving season is finally among us and trust me, the cops know it to. It seems like every spring, local police departments come out in full force to enforce the rules of the law (and so they should). Obviously, getting a ticket is no fun as not only does it hit the wallet, but it can also be more time-consuming than ever before. While you can sometimes get out of a ticket roadside, here are 5 driving mistakes that will guarantee you get a ticket, every time.

Driving like a jerk

Look I get it, traffic can be a frustrating experience but resorting to road rage is not going to help. Also being rude to fellow drivers won’t help you either. In fact it might actually get you noticed by the cops, which again will get you pulled over.

Timing is everything

If you want to speed make sure you pick your time. For example, speeding during the morning rush hour or at the end of the work day, will likely get you to encounter a police speed trap. If you pick the time with more consideration, you are far more likely to avoid a ticket.

What you drive matters

If you’re going to speed or break the laws of the road, be aware of what you are driving. Speeding in a Corvette is far more likely to get you noticed than speeding in a 4 door Honda Civic.

Mods matter

If your vehicle is lowered or has a lift kit, body kit, loud exhaust, etc. you are going to get noticed by the police. You should also be aware that mods may violate local road laws for where you live. Read up on them before going on there and breaking more laws!

Leading the pack

If you are in the front of the pack of speeders you are going to be the first car in front of the radar gun, and as such you will get pulled over first, every time. Instead, I recommend you follow a fellow speeder so that they are noticed first and you have time to notice police cars.

Happy driving!