What do you do if you put in the wrong fuel?

Different vehicles require different fuel that they must use. Most people only think of diesel versus gas, but there are also different octane ratings that are specific to certain engine needs. This is pretty easy to figure out by referring to the owner’s manual or even checking the fuel filler cap. With that said, people do sometimes mix up the fuel type and end up pouring the wrong fuel at the pump. Here’s what you can do.

If you poured the wrong octane level into your vehicle you won’t be in too much trouble. However, you will notice your vehicle is sluggish and might have a slight knocking noise. The most important step is to take it easy on your vehicle and not pedal to the metal with it until you use up the lower octane fuel. Usually engines that require higher octane are turbocharged engines, and hitting the throttle hard on them with a lower octane will put undue stress on the engine and components. If you just take it easy and burn the fuel slow, you won’t have any issues. If your engine requires a lower octane level and you poured a higher one, then you’ll be fine to just carry on as normal.

Source: Husky Fuel

If you have poured gas into a diesel engine, you’ve got a pretty serious issue. Do not turn on the engine, and immediately have your vehicle towed to a mechanic to get the tank flushed and filter changed. If you have started the engine, stop and shut if off as soon as possible. Tow it to your mechanic. They will have to get the diesel out of any components it has entered.

If you have poured diesel into a gas engine, you’ve got a problem but it’s not as bad as a gas into a diesel engine. The engine will run rough, might misfire and will struggle to work properly. You should immediately stop, get it towed and have the tank flushed of the diesel.

Pouring the wrong fuel type can be a minor mistake, but ignoring it can end up costing you thousands of dollars.

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