There is a Pontiac Vibe GT-R Concept Car for sale on Bring a Trailer

Very rarely do we see a concept car for sale anywhere let alone an online auction, but it’s 2022 and times are strange. Even more strange is learning there was a Pontiac Vibe GT-R concept car even made, but again here we are.

The Pontiac Vibe is a compact car was sold produced by Pontiac from 2002 to 2010. This was joint project between General Motors and Toyota who sold the same car under the Toyota Matrix name plate. This was a largely successful project between Toyota and General Motors with Pontiac selling close to half a million units alone during the production time. Had it not been for GM going through Chapter 11 reorganization, I believe the Vibe would have carried on.

This particular vehicle for sale was dubbed the Pontiac Vibe GT-R concept car exhibited at the 2001 SEMA Show in Las Vegas. It technically does not have a model year nor does it have a standard 17-digit VIN. Instead it has a tag affixed on the dashboard that reads “PONT 0008” and a VIN listed as 329N0150. The selling dealer acquired the vehicle in 2009 and currently has approximately 800 miles on the vehicle. As such this vehicle is not legal for road use.

It is finished in metallic red and powered by the 1.8 litre inline-four engine mated to a 6 speed manual transmission. Interestingly enough there isn’t really a whole lot to say about performance mods here. Apart from the Ram Air induction system and the APEXi N1 exhaust system it’s fairly stock apparently. The exterior features a unique body kit, two rear wings, a functional hood scoop, 19″ Motegi racing wheels, adjustable suspension, and customized headlights. The interior is “tricked” out with Mom bucket seats and a custom audio enclosure with a 10″ subwoofer and Kenwood amplifier in the trunk.

Current bid is $15,666 and you can head on here if you are interested.