Deal find: 1969 Pontiac Grand Prix with 45k original miles

The Pontiac Grand Prix is unique in the sense that it has filled a couple different vehicle classes and it’s production spanned several decades. However, the “coolest” and probably most desired Grand Prix’s are the early generation ones from 1962-1972. Today, we are looking at a third generation Grand Prix which were produced from 1969 to 1972.

The third generation Grand Prix’s were all based on the GM G-body and they were all 2-door hard top grand tourer vehicles. This generation was designed with the idea that it would deliver performance and get attention for its unique styling. Two things it did very well.

The example today, is a 1969 vintage located in Pittsburgh. It was apparently purchased by the seller from the original owner who had it in a garage for 30 years. This example features just 45,000 original miles on the clock and is finished in the classic green exterior. This Grand Prix has the 400 4 barrel V8 engine mated to an automatic transmission. The seller notes that it does have A/C which was a rare option back in the day.

This Grand Prix isn’t perfect and there definitely is some work to be had. The right rear quarter panel had been replaced due to an accident that had occurred prior to it being stored away by the original owner. It still needs a coat of paint to be applied and the trim assembly to be finished.

The seller notes that the car does run but the gas tank needs to be cleaned out as it has been in storage for 30 years. It has had some work done to it recently which includes new brakes.

There definitely is a lot of work left to finish this Grand Prix, but it’s available for only $5,000 OBO. You can find the ad here.

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