Is it safe to do a credit application on a dealership’s website?

It seems like these days everyone is buying everything online, and I don’t blame them. The convenience factor is simply too good not to! With that said there is a safety concern but if you do things right and are a little more attentive you won’t have to face anymore risk than you would if you were shopping in person.

Make sure that the website you are visiting is actually a legit dealer. Do they have an address listed? A phone number? Fax number? Research the name of the dealership a little to give you an idea of their reputation. If you can find all of a dealership’s vital information quickly and easily, that is a good sign. They should be willing to answer any questions you have. Be wary of dealers that are reluctant to answer questions you have about doing an online transaction.

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But by far the most important thing is does the website have a security certificate? If you are considering submitting a credit application to a dealer website, make sure they have the proper security certificates. Most web browsers will let you know if a site’s security certificate is out of date, but always remember to do your own research. My dealerships website has an SSL and an up to date security certificate. You can rest assure that any information you transmit to us electronically through out site is completely secure and safe from hackers. If you have any other questions please post them in the comments!

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