How to write the sales ad for your used car

So you are ready to sell your car and want to go ahead and list it? Well, congrats, you are now read to write the sales ad for your used car. Next to taking proper pictures of your car for the listing, this is the most important step! Think about it from the buyer perspective, how many times have you go online looking at cars for sale only to find a decent looking car that has a crappy sales ad? You know the one that either lists no details or is so poorly written that you have no idea if the car in the photos is the car the sales ad is for. 

Trust me when I say this, a good sales ad with a detailed description, good keywords and solid photos will be the difference between whether you sell your car and whether you get top dollar for it. With that said, here is how you can help yourself.

Be honest

Look, you aren’t going to sell your car by straight up lying to people in the sales ad or you might sell it and get sued later depending on the situation. Either way, it’s certainly not worthwhile and you can save yourself so many headaches by being honest. I can’t believe this has to be said but I know personally that I’ve gone to see a few cars in person only to realize the seller downright lied about the vehicle in the sales ad.

Include the details

You will want to provide a description that includes all your car’s features and the overall condition of it. Your car sales ad should start with the basic details such as the year, make, model, trim, mileage and body style of the vehicle. I like to go over the condition from the exterior to the interior as I find it really paints a good picture of the car. I also like to include a reason I am selling the car as this will be a question any perspective buyer will ask.

Include the modifications and warranties

If your car is modified, for better or for worse, potential buyers have a right to know. Sometimes this might help you get more money for your car as some modifications add value. In other cases, it might drop the value of your car as not everyone wants to buy someone else’s project or the modifications might not be to their taste. If you have any warranties on the vehicle such as the manufacturer’s warranty or an extended warranty, I would also add these details.

Sell the car

Now that you got the basic details and the condition, it’s time to really sell your car by telling everyone how awesome it is. You want to show perspective buyers that you are proud to own this car and that you really care about it. This is where you want to include the details that really set your car out from the others so think of things along the lines such as; 1 owner, documented service history, and garage kept. Also make mention of anything that is included in addition to the car such as service documentation , accessories, and spare parts. Make sure to also include the price and any other relevant information such as whether you will take trades for it.

Once you’re done just do a spell check and read the ad out loud to yourself. If it sounds good, post it!

Good luck!